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In my opinion QR codes they are both a fad and a useful tool. QR codes could be a useful tool in the classroom if applied effectively, as suggested by Karen Mensing in The magic of QR codes in the classroom (Mensing, 2013). Mesing (2013) states that “if used appropriately, QR codes have the potential to awaken a student, transform a lesson and bring down the walls of your classroom creating the ultimate 21st century learning opportunity”. The other side of the argument is that over time the interest level from students could diminish; therefore using effectively to promote active learning is critical. Sound judgment by the teacher is required to determine when they are most appropriately applied with pedagogy and to assess the level of interest from students when applied in learning contexts. There use may continue for many years to come or they may become redundant by other new/improved or different technologies. Which stresses the need for teachers to stay abreast with latest and greatest technologies; to determine when and how they might enhance learning outcomes or learning experiences.

To highlight the most interesting teacher suggestions from Kathy Schrock’s QR codes in the classroom (Schrock, 2016) relevant in my teaching area of Design and Technology are:

  • Adding QR Codes to students homework which link to video tutorials to help students if they are stuck on the problems.
  • Creating an interactive art show.
  • To promote the art room and website. All displays has a QR code with the display to take the viewer to information about the art history, culture or artist. (Schrock, 2016)


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