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As technology can enhance our teaching and learning we must accept that with the benefits it also brings associated issues of which teachers must be aware and model good ethical practice. Roblyer & Doering (2014) share that technology can help respond to societal needs and problems although can also creating a new set of issues with society-wide implications (p.23).

Social issues associated with technology use include:

  • Quality of life concerns
  • Fears about technology overuse
  • Fears about technology misuses
  • Risks of online social networking
  • Problems due to malware, viruses, spam and other malicious actions (Roblyer & Doering, 2014, p.24).

Teaching online social ethical behaviours should be linked to students developing a moral code for both inside and outside school environments. Cooley (2009) suggests people apply these codes to determine what actions they are morally required to perform or avoid doing, what type of people they should be and what thoughts they should have (p.1). Moral codes can be made up of personal instinct, prior experience and awareness of the issues surrounding a particular situation are important ingredients in upholding moral ethics.

Some real examples of social issues caused by online activity I have identified in my research are Luce-Kapler, Sumara & Iftody (2010) reference to “Star Wars Kid” (pp.536-538).  Singel (2010) reports on “Teens using digital drugs to get high” called I-dosing. These examples show the real challenges schools, households and communities are faced with the use and acceptance of today’s technologies.


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