Roblyer & Doering (2014) defines Tech PACK (otherwise known as TPACK) as a framework that identifies a combination of essential skills/knowledge in three areas; content, pedagogy, and technology that are required if teachers are to integrate technology to greatest effect in their teaching (p. 8). Applying the TPACK framework to develop classroom technology skills will provide resource awareness for teachers undertaking the TPACK assessment and provide scope in how to apply technologies in the classroom. Koehler & Mishra (2009) states that teachers development of TPACK is critical to effective teaching with technology.

As a pre-service teacher I can self-assess that I am currently sitting in the Content Knowledge area of the TPACK model, as displayed in the diagram below:


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Content Knowledge (CK) represents what teachers know about their subject field and the context in which they should teach it. Koehler & Mishra (2009) state that teachers should understand the deeper knowledge fundamentals of the disciplines in which they teach. Pedagogy Knowledge (PK) is the knowledge teachers have about teaching or how to teach. Koehler & Mishra (2009) state that teachers knowledge about techniques or methods used in the classroom; the nature of the target audience; and strategies for evaluating student understanding. Technology Knowledge (TK) is about knowing what technology will support a task, activity or assessment. Knowing and understanding each technology is critical to effective implementation.


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